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BA261 : Kenmore 50403 Vacuum Bags, 5/Pack

SKU: BA261
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SKU:   BA261

Kenmore 50403 Style Disposable Canister Vacuum Bags.

There are 5 vacuum bags sold per package. These bags are ideal for those who suffer from dust-related or allergic discomforts. The 50403 vacuum bag captures small particles that would be recirculated into the air with a standard dust bag. Electrostatically charged Micro-liner traps most pollen spores, dust mites, and micro-scopic waste products. They are constructed with the highest quality filtration materials available.

They are to be used with models Kenmore 23104 Twilight canister, Kenmore 23105 Blue Moon canister, Kenmore 23285 Buyers Best Buy canister, Kenmore 23106 12-Amp canister, Kenmore 23107 Ebony canister with Power-Mate Jr. and PowerMate®/MD Vacuums Cleaners. This bag can replace the bags for vacuum cleaners using Panasonic C-5 vacuum bags.

  Product Specifications
  Skill Level: Skill Level 1


Replaces Old Numbers:   50403

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